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Keystone Engineering’s Wayne Tuttle has been granted United States Patent 9,840,752 for a new method for performing Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) on the company’s line of spacecraft propellant tanks and related products.  This new method allows welds to be heat retreated while protecting sensitive internal components such as elastomeric bladders from exposure to excessive temperatures.  Prior art required heavier weld lands to make up for the reduced strength of a non-treated weld.  Utilizing this new technology, Keystone can provide elastomeric bladder and diaphragm tanks that are lighter than those of its competitors.


Fast Boundary Integral Method for Slosh and Microgravity Fluid Dynamics

Presented by Robert Manning, PhD. at: : 2017 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition, 10th July


Keystone Engineering Company

Ian Ballinger: President/Chief Technology Officer

Manoj Bhatia: VP of Business Development

Bob Manning, Ph.D:  PMD and Fluids Analyst

Will be attending  The 2017 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition, 10th July 2017 in Atlanta Georgia


Dr. Bob Manning will be presenting his paper entitled “Fast Boundary Integral Method for Slosh and Microgravity Fluid Dynamics”.


Our very own Bob Manning has recently successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled “CAPILLARY OCCLUSION OF TUBES WITH RECTANGULAR AND ARBITRARY CROSS-SECTIONS WITH TRANSVERSE BODY FORCES”.  Congratulations to Robert Manning, PhD.

Keystone Engineering Company is currently hiring for the following positions:


Machinists, Spin Operators
Filament Wind and Composite Engineers



Keystone Engineering Company adds another alloy to one of its unique spinforming process for producing spacecraft components and assemblies. Keystone pioneered the use of “welded blanks” for spinforming and produces spinformed domes of nickel-based alloys such as Inconel 718 and Haynes 230 for spacecraft use. Now Keystone Engineering adds precipitation hardened alloys with its recent use of alloy 15-5PH for spinforming nozzles and jackets for use in the launch vehicle engine industry..

In addition to the unique welded spinblanks, Keystone also produces components from other metals including aluminum (including alloys 2219, 2014, 2195, 1100, and others), titanium, corrosion resistant steels, copper, and others.